Who we be

Manual Controller is the electronic music powerhouse of Paul Schwarzkopf (synths) and Aaron Rosener (drums). The Minneapolis duo create delirious soundscapes that skirt the borders of electronica, jazz and funk.

Imagine if the Chemical Brothers and Medeski, Martin & Wood had a love child. Yeah, Manual Controller kinda sounds like that.

Their recent release, The Perpendicular of Terms, is a seamless, nine song odyssey based on the fabricated concept of geometric rhythm. Layers of percussion skim over beds of analog synths while bombastic acoustic beats collide with fragmented electronics. It's  like a chill-out record you can't really chill-out to.   

The two perform their music live with a pile of hardware synthesizers and an ever-evolving  drum kit. When live drums aren't an option, Manual Controller goes it solo and calls upon samplers to fill the void. 

Oh, and the band's favorite color is aqua marine. Sorry blanched almond.